DATE: August 23, 2021

SUBJECT: Positive COVID-19 Cases

With the increased COVID-19 positivity rates, residents and staff at Rocky Knoll have been tested for COVID-19 more frequently.

The positive residents were immediately moved to our dedicated COVID-19 unit. The units where these cases were discovered have been placed on quarantine and movement on and off of the units have been limited. Staff are taking extra precautionary measures such as increased personal protective equipment across the facility to ensure the safety of all residents. The positive staff were placed under quarantine and will follow the CDC guidelines before returning to work.

Public Health and the Medical Director were notified as quickly as possible. We will continue to test all staff and residents and provide updates once results are received.

Activities have been adjusted accordingly. They will be held largely by unit, both on the units and by bringing units down one at a time for activities. Residents will be dining in their doorways for the foreseeable future until Rocky Knoll is out of outbreak status in relation to COVID-19 cases.

Visitation will continue but is subject to change at any time. All visitors are to wear full personal protective equipment (gown, goggles, gloves, mask). We highly encourage visitors and residents to wear their masks during visits even if both parties are vaccinated due to our outbreak status and the county positivity rate. Visitors must be aware of the increased possibility of contracting COVID-19 with active cases in the facility. We are asking visitors to consider limiting their visits due to how contagious this strain of COVID-19 is and the increase in community spread that is being seen.s

As always resident, visitor and staff safety are our utmost priority. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Claire Richards (contact information below).

If you would like to receive these updates via email, please reach out to Claire Richards at 920.449.1232 or email at

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