The Rocky Knoll Foundation is a non-profit organization funded entirely through donations. This Foundation was created to fund projects that enhance the lives of residents at Rocky Knoll. And, while the Center is county-owned and included in the Sheboygan County budget, the Foundation is a separate entity and not supported by the Sheboygan County budget.

Enhancing Living for Residents

The Rocky Knoll Foundation is a non-profit organization funded entirely through donations. This Foundation was created to fund projects that enhance the lives of our residents. We have a long-standing tradition of providing the highest quality of care, and the efforts of the Foundation assure that it is supported by qualify of life. Whether it’s through physical surroundings or increased programming, everything we do spreads joy and lifts spirits.

People post in front of the Rocky Knoll Giving Tree

About the Foundation

The Foundation began in September 2000. A few County Board Supervisors who served on the envisioned a means to fund certain projects that weren’t able to be included in the annual operating budget. Since r is a county-owned and operated facility, the best alternative was to create a foundation to raise money separately. The singular focus of the Foundation is to enrich the lives of residents by funding the life-affirming services and developments that are not covered in the budget.

Shared Vision

The members of the Board of Trustees share a view that residents have earned our respect and appreciation for their work and participation in our community. We have a deep compassion for their life-affirming care. Your help will ensure their comfort, enhance their surroundings, and provide those extra touches that make each day brighter.

Mahatma Ghandi said it best, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” If we all do something, imagine the impact we can have together.


The mission of the Foundation is to pursue, promote, and commit to initiatives that enrich the overall quality of life for everyone utilizing services at.

Giving Options

Inquiries about ways to support the Foundation come from many sources; family members and relatives who have had a loved one stay at , small businesses searching for a local organization to support, regional corporations with endowment funds, and national organizations. Financial support can and has ranged from more immediate contributions to longer term bequests.

Common Types of Support
  • Cash or Check
  • Stocks and Mutual Funds
  • Property
  • Bequests
  • Beneficiary Designation
  • Charitable Remainder
  • Charitable Lead Trust

Gift Types

We deeply appreciate contributions of all types and any amount. Whether from you, your company, or as a memorial from a family member, be assured we’ll make the best use of all funding.

Contribution types, their tax implications, and how we coordinate receiving them from you do change. We recommend you confer with your financial and/or legal counsel to assure the best option for you. Our board members are always willing to meet and hear your ideas.


When you’re ready to make a contribution to the Foundation, you can send a check to. You might also prefer to meet with one of our board members to review your options, get answers to questions, and complete any necessary forms.

Most of the contributions we receive are immediate gifts in the form of a cash or check. You can make an immediate contribution using our donor form.

For additional information, please call and ask to speak with a Foundation member. For additional information, please call and ask to speak with a Foundation member.

Giving Tree

If you would like lasting recognition of your contribution to the Foundation, we have a variety of gift amounts to choose from on our Giving Tree. This permanent, public “thank you” donor remembrance offers great visibility on a wall located near the main lobby and entrance to. Individuals, businesses, and others can be included.

An engraved sign provides ongoing recognition of support from individuals, businesses, and others.

Contributions of any and all amounts ($5 to $20,000+) are genuinely appreciated. And we realize that some people prefer to give anonymously; we respect all wishes.

The Rocky Knoll Foundation Giving Tree

Giving Tree Designation:

  • Silver Leaf - $250
  • Bronze Leaf - $500
  • Golden Leaf - $1,000
  • Acorn - $1,500
  • Crowned Acorn - $2,500

Foundation Level Giving:

  • Bronze Level - $5,000
  • Silver Level - $10,000
  • Gold Level - $20,000+

Current Board Members

The individuals that make up the Board of Trustees of the Rocky Knoll Foundation make a heartfelt commitment in terms of time and resources and have a passion for those they serve. Their dedication and compassion are evident in all their efforts. Board terms are for three years. New board members are always welcome. We encourage you to contact one of the board members above for more information about what a gratifying experience this can be.

  • Charlie Conrardy - President
  • Liza Abler
  • Dale Pauls
  • Brian Hoffmann
  • Richard Bemis
  • Jackie Veldman
  • Kayla Clinton - Rocky Knoll Administrator
  • Alan Rudnick
  • Elizabeth Abler
  • John Wilde

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