On November 22, 2021 the Rocky Knoll Foundation approved a request to provide Wall-mounted TV brackets for the resident rooms in Buildings A and B. These buildings are home to our long-term care residents and consist of 1 West, 2 West, 1 North, and 2 North. The wall-mount brackets will be installed during the remodeling of many of these rooms.  (Remodeling is being done through a Community Development Block Grant- see State Grant article).  As TVs have gotten larger over the years, they can take up a lot of space and stick out into the room creating a hazard when bumped into or even knocked over. Having the TV mounted on the wall will make for a safer environment. Residents will also benefit from having the extra space that their TVs now take up on top of their dressers or tables. We all could use more space!

Along with this initiative, the Foundation will provide a wall-mounted 85" TV with a sound bar for the large ground floor Activity room. Life Enrichment will be able to have "Movie nights" in the room and give residents the fun of watching favorite movies together with other residents while munching on popcorn from our Popcorn machine. They will also be able to share Sunday Game time together and cheer the Packers on to victory! We know that this fulfilled request from the Foundation will be utilized and enjoyed in many ways!

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