On March 12, 2020 Rocky Knoll restricted all nonessential visitation to help protect our residents from Covid-19. We know that this has been difficult for residents and families, but it has been perhaps the biggest factor contributing to the reason that as of date we have NO positive cases of Covid-19 at Rocky Knoll. We are doing our best to keep it that way! Our commitment to keep our residents safe includes the following regulations:

Item Drop-offs - We request that ALL items being brought to the facility are dropped off at the A-1 Entrance. That is the entrance by the Receptionist desk- the entrance at the far east end of the building. Even items for residents in Woodland Village must be dropped off at the A-1 Entrance. There is a cart to put items on. Life Enrichment will deliver the items twice a day to residents. Please be sure to Label your package with the resident’s name. We are not accepting homemade baked goods (only pre-packaged food items) or extra clothing at this time. Some family members have been trying to drop items off at Woodland Village and the Nursing staff has accommodated them by taking the items. Staff has been instructed to not accept anything that is not brought to the A-1 Entrance. Please do not put our employees at risk by having them take any items from you at locations other than the A-1 Entrance. The entrance at Woodland Village is now locked and will be used for admissions and discharges of residents ONLY.

Window Visits – We know that Window visits are occurring. However, the Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long-Term Care encourages everyone to follow the Governor’s “Safer at Home” order. Please limit Window visits to waving to your loved one from outside the building and having them wave back from inside their room. No visiting of residents is to take place at any of our entrances. We may be able to accommodate short special event Window visits (wedding anniversary, or a milestone birthday…) by calling our Social workers who will evaluate them on a case-by-case basis. Call the main number below and ask for Taylor Wilkens or Kelly Rabe. If you are interested in Skype or Face Time our Life Enrichment team will work with you and your resident to set it up.

End-of-Life Visitors – We acknowledge the need for family members of actively dying residents to have the opportunity to spend time with their loved one. Nursing will make the arrangements for you to visit and will explain the procedure we have in place for these circumstances. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns we can help you with during this difficult time.

All authorized persons entering the facility – As a reminder, all employees and approved healthcare providers are required to sign in and out of the facility, using the B-5 Entrance. You must have a mask on before entering the building and keep it on at all times (unless alone in an office) until you are outside of the building. The screening signature sheet at the B-5 Entrance must be filled out upon arrival and prior to exiting the building.

Thank you for your full cooperation and for your continued consideration of our residents, our staff, and each other as we follow these regulations to help keep all of us safe and healthy!

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