With six dining areas throughout our facility, our short-term rehabilitation and long-term care residents have easy access to healthy and delicious dining. With our tableside service model, we increase our Rocky Knoll residents’ appetites and our level of customer service. Loved ones are also always welcome to come and dine with our residents.

A Rocky Knoll dining room

Healthy & Delicious Dining

We incorporate a tableside service model at mealtimes. A compact steam table cart is maneuvered around the dining room to each resident table where foods can be viewed, and aromas can be captured by the residents to help stimulate appetite contributing to overall improved intake. Good nutritional intake is crucial for the healing and nutritional maintenance of our rehab and long-term residents. This method of dining also promotes increased resident and staff interactions thereby enhancing the dining experience by allowing for greater customer service.

8:00 – 9:00am
12:00 -1:00pm
5:00 – 6:00pm

About Our Dining Services

Our menus are designed as a 4-week cycle menu. The menus are rotated according to the season: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. Two entrée choices are provided at meals to allow for greater variety.  Monthly Food Committee meetings are held with the residents to discuss the satisfaction of the menus and service provided to residents at mealtimes. These meetings are a great time for residents to share their ideas of what they would like to see on the menu based on personal favorites and offer ideas for special meals such as holidays and cook-outs. Residents are always welcome to share favorite recipes that can be incorporated in the menu rotations!

We strive to make holidays for our residents extra special by serving a heart-warming traditional holiday meal. 

The Rocky Knoll Foundation, with the support of local businesses and community members, has graciously provided the facility with a beautiful Outdoor Bistro area. This area includes a large gas grill that the facility utilizes several times during the warmer Wisconsin months to incorporate cookouts that many of our residents look forward to enjoying.

We continue to strive to make the dining experience for our residents inviting and home-like all while providing appetizing and nutritious meals. We look forward to serving you or your loved one!

The outdoor patio at Rocky Knoll

Our Amenities & Rooms

Our short-term rehabilitation and long-term care residents have their own private room and bathroom so that they enjoy their stay in comfort. Both indoor and outdoor facility amenities help our residents feel and home and have a space to be social.

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