Amanda Burt is the Area Nurse Manager on 2 North and 1 West. She graduated from Alverno College in 2010 with her Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in Psychology. Her first position as a nurse was in long term care at Plymouth Care Center. She chose this position as she always had a love for the elderly. In fact, she chose nursing as a career, because when she was a young girl, she used to spend time with an elderly neighbor and learn about past times from her. As her elderly neighbor became older and her husband passed, Amanda helped her with things around the house. She helped with yard work, meals, cleaning, and just giving the sweet lady someone to talk to. At one point, Amanda started noticing a woman coming to help her neighbor and was curious. She asked what the woman was there for. The woman said she was a home health nurse. It was at that point, at about 10 years old that Amanda felt a call for nursing. 

At Plymouth Care Center she realized that she had a calling for helping patients that are at the very end stages of life. Helping them remain comfortable and helping their families along in the process was extremely rewarding. She then decided to obtain a part time position at Heartland Hospice. There she realized she enjoyed helping out in crisis type situations and helping bring comfort to the patient and family, so she became a weekend on call and triage nurse. From there she became a full-time case manager, so she could prevent the crisis situations from occurring in the first place. While working at Heartland hospice, she and her ex-husband decided it was time to start a family, so she reluctantly left hospice nursing for something more family friendly. She returned to Plymouth Care Center. 

While working at Plymouth Care Center she heard wonderful things about Rocky Knoll and heard about a part time day shift position. Although very scared and intimidated by the gigantic building, she stepped out of her comfort zone and applied at Rocky Knoll. This was one of the best decisions she had ever made. Rocky Knoll is her 2nd home and a place where she has learned so much and advanced her career. Rocky Knoll gave her the opportunity for a full-time position on the dementia unit, which she accepted and has been working for about a year and a half. Rocky Knoll also graciously offered her the opportunity of obtaining wound care certification. She excitedly took the opportunity to learn more in an area she had always been interested in. After working closely with our current Area Nurse Managers and observing what they do on a daily basis she was surprised to learn that maybe she would like to do something similar. She loves teaching and learning new things herself. She is extremely excited and maybe a little nervous to take on her new role as Area Nurse Manager at Rocky Knoll. 

Amanda has two very energetic boys. Colton is 7 years old and Gavin is 5 years old. She also has a dog named Diamond, a cat named Hooligan, and two leopard geckos named Creature and Pearl. She loves spending her time outdoors. Hiking, fishing with her boys, and taking on a garden for the first time this year.