COVID Visitation Information

Things to know BEFORE your visit:

  • Enter through C1 Woodland Village Entrance.
  • You must wear a mask upon entry into the facility and at all times unless you are wearing an Approved Visitor badge (see below) and complete the screening process.
  • Doors to the facility are unlocked and cameras are regularly monitored.
  • Anyone violating the visitation requirements will have their visitation revoked.
  • Do not visit the facility if you have any signs or symptoms of COVID or any other infectious illness.
  • Do not visit the facility if you have been exposed to COVID in the past 14 days.
  • Do not visit the facility if you have traveled outside of the country within the past 14 days. Special circumstances (such as a family member wanting to visit while home on leave from the military) can be approved by our Infection Preventionist by calling (920)449-1256. This approval may take several days so please plan accordingly.
  • If everyone present for a visit, including the resident, are fully vaccinated, masks can be removed in the resident’s room only. Masks must be worn outside the room regardless of vaccination status. Vaccinated visitors must first bring proof of vaccination to the front desk and receive an Approved Visitor badge. This badge must be worn at all times if you wish to remove your mask. Nursing staff can help you determine if a resident is vaccinated. If you are only able to visit during non-business hours and wish to receive an Approved Visitor badge please call our Infection Preventionist at (920)449-1256.

Things to know DURING your visit:

  • It is important to practice proper hand hygiene. Please wash or disinfect your hands often, when entering or exiting our facility, entering or exiting a resident’s room and any time you pass the many alcohol based hand rub dispensers throughout the facility.
  • It is important you complete the full screening in process upon entry to facility.
  • Please restrict your movement in the facility to only the resident’s room
  • Please limit your interaction with others (including staff, residents and other visitors)
  • Limit surfaces you touch
  • Social distance with at least six feet between you and others in the facility
  • You may take a resident outside but please follow these same guidelines.
  • Approved visitors are able to attend activities with residents but must follow mask guidance

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