State Grant Update – June 27, 2022

Training Classroom in Woodland Village. Quasius Construction is wrapping up this project!

There are a few details to complete, but the space is fully functional. LTC held the first Nurse Assistant class in the new space on June 24th. They have classes booked through Spring of 2023. Rocky Knoll looks forward to using the space for special meetings and training of our personnel as well.

Ground Floor Dining Room will go out for bids early July. The architects have revised the space to accommodate a more modern style of dining and dining service. Construction includes a kitchenette/serving area attached to the dining room so food can be individually plated and served immediately to residents. With Luxury vinyl plank flooring, freshly painted walls and new window treatments, the room will shine. The floor to ceiling windows offer beautiful views of the landscaped courtyard and outdoor bistro, complimenting the dining setting.

Woodland Village Kitchenette project is going out for bids with the Ground floor Dining room project. This area is being remodeled to create a more pleasing meal service for Woodland Village residents and offer the ability to provide on-the-spot requests. This feature will give residents more dining options to satisfy their individual tastes and preferences.

Remodeling of Resident Rooms on 2West continues. The rooms will be remodeled and furnished in the same manner as the rooms that were recently done on 1West. We are expecting this project to be finished by the end of August.

If you have any questions about the projects being done under the State Grant, please contact Cindy Stevens, Rocky Knoll Project Coordinator. Stop in my office or call me at: 920-449-1236. You can also email me at:

Thank you so much for your continued patience and support as these improvement projects progress and we work to create a more comfortable, home-like environment for our residents and a secure future for Rocky Knoll and the residents of Sheboygan County.

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