We are happy to announce that Sheboygan County has been awarded a Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $1,582,833.27 for facility improvements at Rocky Knoll Health Care Center.   The Wisconsin Department of Administration made the Award announcement on February 18, 2021.  The focus of the projects to be completed with the grant funding is to improve the quality of life and brighten each and every day for the residents of Rocky Knoll.  Due to the magnitude of the entire project, it will be approached in phases and is divided into the following four contracts:

Briefly: Contract #1 involves replacing the domestic hot water production and storage equipment with new, energy efficient equipment. All of the equipment is located in a remote boiler building, separate from the facility, so there are no COVID-19 concerns applicable; allowing us to begin this project immediately following approval of the grant. Tentative timeframe: March - June 2021. Contract #2 encompasses a number of improvements to enhance the lives of residents by modernizing the environment and making it more comfortable and home-like. Resident rooms on units 1 West and 2 West will be enhanced with new flooring, wall coverings, lighting, bathroom fixtures and wardrobes. The ground floor hallways, Dining room and Activity rooms will be re-designed and refinished. TV signal wiring improvements will be made to improve TV viewing and internet connections. Our rehab unit, Woodland Village will see the construction of a learning classroom and renovation of the existing Dining room to better serve residents. Tentative timeframe: July - Dec. 2021. Contract #3 involves replacing the old vinyl composition tile in Woodland Village resident rooms and bathrooms with new resilient Luxury Plank/Tile flooring and new vinyl cove base. The new flooring is highly durable and more easily maintained. Tentative timeframe: Jan. - May 2022. Contract #4 involves the cleaning of all supply, return, and exhaust ducts (following the completion of all other projects). Included will be the inspection, cleaning, testing and certification of all fire and smoke damper mechanisms. This project will improve air-quality and flow, as well as reinforce our fire protection capabilities throughout the facility. Tentative timeframe: June - Sept. 2022

The grant will allow us to undertake this large scope of work in a much shorter period of time than if we had to figure these projects into our annual budget(s). Expediting the work will minimize disruption to the daily lives of residents. These timely improvements will greatly enhance the quality of life for residents and allow our facility to remain a leader in providing high quality long-term care within the community. We can't wait for the residents to enjoy their modern, new surroundings!

Please watch the website for future updates.

You can request information or voice any questions or concerns regarding the State Grant by contacting our Project Coordinator, Cindy Stevens, at the following: cstevens@rockyknoll.net or by phone at 920-449-1236.

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