"These are unprecedented times."  We have all heard that saying many times as we have worked our way through the Covid-19 pandemic and the devastating effects it has had on our health systems, the workforce, supply chains, and numerous industries including the Construction industry.

But, we have endured.  With creative thinking, flexibility, and fortitude, we have been able to push forward with the projects proposed for the Community Development Block Grant here at Rocky Knoll.

Project #1 contracts were awarded on February 24, 2021.  This project involved asbestos abatement within the boiler house followed by replacement of the Hot water production and storage equipment.  Environet of Oshkosh completed the abatement work in March, preparing the site for Aldag-Honold to engineer and install new, energy efficient equipment. The new equipment is in place and "staged" testing is currently being done to insure the new system operates flawlessly before removal of the old equipment. Completion of this project is expected within the next few weeks.

Project #2 encompasses a number of improvements to enhance Resident lives. We originally proposed (7) separate divisions, really projects of their own, within Project #2.  We only received (1) bid for the project and it was well over budget.  The bid was rejected.  We went back to the drawing board and have restructured the project into several smaller contracts, hoping to make it less cumbersome and more appealing to contractors.  We are currently in the process of putting these separate contracts out for bid.

The most important aspect of the grant is to directly enhance Resident lives.  That remains our focus.  Remodeling of the B-Building resident rooms, (units 1 West and 2 West), is the top priority.  Demolition of resident rooms on the first floor of the building has begun and will be completed by the end of August.  A contract for the abatement of the room flooring will be awarded August 11, 2021.  That work can begin in September.  Room remodeling will follow.  Our intention is to have 1 West residents in their newly remodeled rooms before the end of the year. The next step will be to repeat the process on 2 West and have those residents in newly renovated rooms in the spring.  We are looking forward to seeing BIG smiles on their faces when they see and can enjoy the improvements to their rooms, TV service, and bright, modern dining and gathering spaces to eat and make merry in!

Please continue to watch our website for future updates.

You can request information, ask questions, or voice concerns regarding the State Grant by contacting our Project Coordinator, Cindy Stevens by email: cstevens@rockyknoll.net or by phone at 920-449-1236.

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