Rocky Knoll Health Care Center
Buffet style dining

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Special Features

Rocky Knoll offers many features as a service to our guests and their families. Guests' needs can be comfortably met in-house without leaving our health care center. If you would like more detailed information about any of our special features, ask one of our staff.

Buffet Dining

For each meal you can select what you’ll enjoy from a bounteous buffet. For those times you would like assistance going through the buffet, we are here to help. Linens complete the experience and make each meal special. When you have family and friends visiting, they are welcome to dine with you for a nominal charge.

Outdoor Courtyards

emptyWe have a number of courtyards and when the weather is nice our guests and their visitors enjoy being outdoors. The tables and chairs nestled among the lush greenery and potted plants make for inviting settings to read a good book, catch up with your visitors and the other guests, and experience the wildlife. Our country setting means we have an abundance of wild flowers, trees, and bushes. You’ll also view birds at the feeders, deer at the salt licks, and other woodland animals at feeding areas we provide. You might enjoy a stroll along the paths that connect the courtyards.


Our staff chaplain, Reverend Tom Fleischmann of the Sheboygan County Chaplaincy is here to support your faith one-on-one and through Bible studies and our weekly non-denominational church service. A Catholic mass is offered every Sunday morning. Lutheran and Protestant services are held onsite regularly along with services for special days including Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

Memorial Services

Memorial services are one way we remember how important guests who stayed with us are. All guests, family members, and staff are invited to attend. We hold these services once a month and announce them in advance.


We have a pastoral service room available for counseling and the gathering of a family in a time of crisis. This private setting assures that during a difficult time you have the support of our chaplain and staff and a place set aside for your family.

On-Site Store

Our dedicated volunteer auxiliary members run the onsite store. The selection of greeting cards, stamps, and pens are nice for keeping in touch. Handcrafted items can brighten your room or complete them with gift wrap and bows to make a nice gift for someone special. If you’ve got a sweet tooth there are candy bars for you and bags of candy for sharing with others. Or perhaps you’d enjoy a salty treat of chips. A cold soda or water is always refreshing. If you’d like to commemorate your stay at Rocky Knoll, the store offers themed apparel. Or you might enjoy browsing the selection of magazines. And, the store draws a crowd when the popcorn machine is wafting the aroma of fresh popped corn.


Our Fashion Boutique offers an array of clothes and other items that our guests may need. Guests are welcome to browse the selection and take with them whatever they can use at no cost.

Memory Boxes

emptyNext to the door outside each guest room, you’ll find a memory box. We encourage each guest to personalize theirs with photos, cards, trinkets, and other items that help other guests, the staff, and visitors get to know them. The design of the box allows you or your family to change the contents of the memory box as often as you’d like.

Veterans Wall of Honor

We create a commemorative plaque to recognize each guest who served in the military. When a new plaque is displayed on the wall, there is a special time of recognition for that guest.  


Stylists keep regular hours at our salon to assure you can get a haircut, perm, and style as you’d like. You don’t need to venture out to enjoy these services.